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CommuniGate Pro External Authentication

The CommuniGate Pro External Authentication feature allows a site administrator to create a standalone program or script for user authentication. The CommuniGate Pro Server automatically starts the specified External Authentication program and passes it user names and passwords received from client applications. The program checks these credentials and responds with positive or negative authentication results.

A wide variety of existing authentication mechanisms can be integrated with a CommuniGate Pro system using External Authentication programs. The table below lists sample programs (scripts) that can be downloaded and used with your CommuniGate Pro Server.

Script fileDescription This sample Perl script connects to an external LDAP server and sends BIND requests to verify user credentials. This is a variation of the script that supports new functions including: the NEW command for account creation in CommuniGate Pro if the record exists in LDAP; multiple LDAP server failover; the SASL command for external SASL handling; and the READPLAIN command to read the plain-text password for accounts from LDAP to be used within CommuniGate Pro SASL authentication methods. This is a variation of the script for Microsoft ActiveDirectory LDAP server. This sample Perl script uses PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) library to verify user credentials. This Perl script checks user credentials via external IMAP or POP server, updates local CommuniGate password and moves user's mail from the external server into CommuniGate Pro. This Perl script will allow administrator to create back-door access to all CommuniGate accounts using the same password for all of them. The Java version of the above script. This Perl script will prevent spam from being relayed through your server when you're acting as a backup MX for some other host. See the detailed info insde. This is a variation of the above script for a different scenario. This sample Perl script verifies the user credentials against an external RADIUS server. This sample Perl script implements provisioning operations interface and checks the strength of the entered password.

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