CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.3

Samoware Revision History

6.3.11 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.11

Samoware HTML
  • Settings: improved UI for listing of active sessions, added button to kill a session.
  • Contacts: now all contacts folders are used for address auto-completion.
  • Contacts: contacts lists now show Organization and Organization Units.
  • Contacts: the email field has now the "work" type by default.
  • Calendar: improved the function of creating a message from a calendar event.
  • IM: implemented notification for chat invitations received while offline.
  • Mail: implemented the option to show message details by default.
  • Mail: fixed the action buttons panel in the table view.
  • Mail: older years were not available in the message search criteria.
  • Mail: some attendees were skipped while converting a calendar event into a message.
  • Mail: fixed the bug with removing the last item from the favourites list.
  • Files: improved integration with R7 servers.
  • Files: bug fix: some access status icons were lost for files with long names.

6.3.10 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.10

Samoware HTML
  • General: multiple fixes in the user interface, the translations have been updated.
  • Settings: added support for the reply header format preference.
  • Contacts: added mechanism to fine-tune searches in Directory books.
  • Contacts: added support for patronymic name when a contact record is saved.
  • Contacts: added the option to select the default Directory for addresses autocompletion.
  • Calendar: improved support for large calendar objects.
  • Calendar: implemented the menu with actions on participants and the option to compose an e-mail for all participants.
  • Mail: the option to remove attachments is hidden now for encrypted messages.
  • Mail: bug fix: the default From address was not displayed.
  • Mail: addressed the problem with adding extra empty lines when answering to messages created in Thunderbird.
  • Mail: bug fix: the displayed content might not be properly updated on switching between folders.
  • Mail: the Forward button is hidden for multiple selected messages when the default Forward method is inline.
  • Mail: now the inline images should not be also displayed as attached files.
  • Mail: the interface for message redirection has been improved.
  • Notes: bug fix: the Notes folder name selected in preferences was ignored.
  • Tasks: item filteration interface has been improved.
  • Files: bug fix: foreign folders subscribed to might be not displayed in large subscription lists.
  • Dialer: fixed problem with calls to PSTN in some scenarios.

6.3.9 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.9

Samoware HTML
  • Calendar: fixed the first day of week selection for some languages.
  • Calendar: fixed attempts to create new events on incorrectly selected Calendar folders.
  • Calendar: editing recurrent events might cause the series start time loss.
  • Calendar: accepting calendar invitations right in the Calendar folder might cause attachments loss.
  • Dialer: fixed problem with browser notifications blocking incoming calls.
  • Dialer: added specific sound for call termination.
  • Files: fixed the file access rights check.
  • Contacts: fixed display of SMIME certificate icon.

6.3.8 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.8

Samoware HTML
  • Settings: the unused "admin" account-level right has been removed.
  • Mail: improved the function of removing recipient addresses with the backspace/del button.
  • Mail: inserting images from the clipboard to a message text has been improved.
  • Mail: improved support for images in plain text messages.
  • Calendar: removed limit on year in dates.
  • Calendar: improved display of multi-day events in public calendars.
  • Calendar: improved support for web links in event descriptions.
  • Calendar: bug fix: sharing to public calendars from other accounts produced incorrect links.
  • Contacts: contact card editor provides field legends now.
  • Contacts: improved the search of addresses in the Directory for address autocompletion.
  • IM: bug fix: chat window might loop on attempts to load non-existant attachments.
  • Dialer: fixed display and searching of peer's Real Name.

6.3.7 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.7

Samoware HTML
  • Contacts: organization unit data from the Directory search results is displayed now on address autocomplete.
  • IM: group chat functions have been extended: the "kick", member removal, invitation (re)sending.
  • Mail: the forward inline function for HTML-formatted mails now preserves the formatting.
  • Mail: storing mails to local disk as eml-files has been improved.
  • Mail: multi-mailbox search through all folders has been improved.
  • Mail: added the function to copy/move the results of multi-mailbox search.
  • Mail: the UI for attachments operations has been extended.
  • Mail: it's possible to make a calendar event out of an e-mail message.
  • Mail: added the function to create a mail processing rule with an e-mail message as the example.
  • Mail: Junk/Trash autodeletion function has been improved.
  • Contacts: contact's real name might benotdisplayed after adding it to Buddies.
  • IM: continues buddy requests might be comming from a Buddy address that has been just removed.
  • IM: the last message in the retrieved part of the chat history might be not displayed correctly.
  • Mail: corrected the problem with folder openening where the "lr" have been set recently.
  • Mail: links with special schemas (e.g., "notes:") might be not displayed.
  • Mail: text attachments might be re-coded during downloads.
  • Mail: clipboard data with angle brackets in them were not properly pasted into HTML content.
  • Mail: images/pictures might be not pasted from clipboard data.
  • Mail: in some browsers it maight be not possible to cancel multi-mailbox search opeartion.
  • General: commas might be not handled correctly in links.
  • Calendar: calenndar items descriptions with links in them might be not displayed correctly.
  • Files: download operations might fail in some configurations.
  • Files: fixed the bug in R7Office integration: files might be not dosplayed after editiong.
  • Tasks: it might be not possible to add a new Task item while in the "list" view.

6.3.6 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.6

Samoware HTML
  • General: the login page set the correct language now according to the domain settings.
  • General: the localization resources have been revised.
  • General: login might be blocked when biometric second factor authentication was used.
  • General: the algorithm for reading link address has been changed to include commas.
  • Mail: the address validation algorithm has been extended to support IDN.
  • Mail: added skin string preference to hide simple search controls in favor to the full indexed one.
  • Mail: improved integration of message tags with other mail clients.
  • Mail: added support for local resources links.
  • Mail: files in subdirectories of account file storage could not be correctly attached to mails.
  • Mail: images pasted inline into composed message text might be duplicated.
  • Mail: it might be not possible to create a folder after managing folder subscription list.
  • Dialer: more call history records may be loaded now.
  • Dialer: fixed bug with frozen video after switching between chats.
  • IM: fixed bug when chats were displayed incorrectly after fast switching between them right after login.
  • IM: real name might be not shown for some Buddies.
  • Calendar: fixed bug with incorrect encoding for the public access mode.
  • Calendar: fixed bug with attempts to create default calendar with the empty name.

6.3.5 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.5

Samoware HTML
  • IM: improved chat list compatibility with other clients.
  • IM: added support for citations.
  • IM: fixed problem with duplication of delayed messages.
  • IM: improved notifications for group chats.
  • Calendar: improved calendar items preview.
  • General: added support for device mating via QR-codes.
  • General: added support for automatic login.
  • General: added support for cookie login.
  • Dialer: fixed problem when ringback tone did no terminate after call acceptance.
  • Dialer: fixed problem with failing peer-to-peer calls in configs with enabled VCS integration.

6.3.4 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.4

Samoware HTML
  • General: added support for Turkmen language.
  • General: improved UI on the login page for two-factor authentication.
  • Mail: improved design and user experience for searching through all folders.
  • IM: fixed problem with group chats being hidden after they were closed in other clients.
  • Calendar: fixed time display for events created in time zones other that the currently selected one.

6.3.3 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.3

Samoware HTML
  • IM: improved design of chats.
  • IM: added support for previewing of received images.
  • Mail: improved design of message composer.
  • Mail: added support for the "thread mode" display of messages list.
  • Calendar: improved operations on events in delegated calendars.

6.3.2 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.2

Samoware HTML
  • General: user interface design renewed.
  • IM: implemented text search through group chats.
  • IM: fixed bug with real name not shown.
  • IM: chats can be sorted into groups now.
  • Dialer: fixed bug with error display on canceled calls.
  • Mail: fixed problem with incorrect parsing of flags.
  • Mail: improved attachments processing and UI.
  • Prefs: improved the logic with applying settings.
  • Prefs: nested calendars can be selected for defaults.
  • Prefs: added UI for identity verification.

6.3.1 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.1

Samoware HTML
  • General: fixed the problem with correct skin selection after login through the Basic skin.
  • General: fixes and improvements in the UI elements.
  • Mail: the new function for saving e-mail as file has been implemented.
  • Mail: now the ratio between messages lists and message preview fields can be changed.
  • Mail: fixed the bug with attachment removal in the FireFox environment.
  • Tasks: accepted task did not appear in the Tasks folder.
  • IM: messages sent from other clients are now shown live in the chat window.
  • IM: improved chat composer design.
  • IM: fixed the bug when chat title was not shown.
  • Contacts: improved contacts sorting by names.
  • Prefs: uploaded custom ring tone could be broken.
  • Dialer: fixed bug with ring tone not stopping after the call had been accepted.
  • Dialer: now the call is not shown as missed if it was received on some other account's device.
  • Dialer: fixed bug when a conference call could not be created from a group chat.

6.3.0 CommuniGate Pro 6.3.0

Samoware HTML
  • General: multiple minor UI issues have been fixed.
  • Notes: formatting panel might appear while scrolling.
  • IM: proper peer address is used now to start a chat.
  • IM: messages received while offline might be not shown.
  • IM: messages from the same peer are grouped into same notification.
  • IM: the "Refresh History" function is improved.
  • IM: chats are sorted now according their activity.
  • Dialer: the Merge button for connecting new incoming call to existing conversation was non-functional.

6.3c2 CommuniGate Pro 6.3c2

Samoware HTML
  • Dialer: video viewer ratio has been corrected.
  • Dialer: local camera video does not cover received video.
  • Dialer: muting the microphone also disabled the camera.
  • Dialer: improved integration with video conferencing systems.
  • IM: low-level protocol errors are filtered out from user interface.
  • IM: localized higher-level error messages are implemented.

6.3c1 CommuniGate Pro 6.3c1

Samoware HTML
  • General: custom shortcuts are supported now in the navigational panel.
  • General: Contact Center module is integrated into the interface now.
  • Calendars: implemented the functionality for new event time proposal.
  • Mail: multi-mailbox search functions supports date as the search parameter.
  • Mail: implemented support for message tags.
  • Prefs: spam management controls are implemented.
  • Dialer: call handling logic re-implemented.
  • Dialer: desktop demonstration function is implemented.
  • Contacts: Directory search results can be sorted now.

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