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Версия 6.4

История обновлений Pronto!


6.2.15 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.15

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  • General: the DOMPurify library updated to version 2.0.2.
  • General: reduced the usage of the "cliExecute" command.
  • Dialer: special attributes in SDP data re supported now.
  • Dialer: implemented preference to prefer caller real name received over wire over the name matched from address books.
  • Dialer: the procedure for adding participants to a conference has been improved.
  • Contacts: telephone numbers from item headers are used for faster operations.
  • Email: the "Take Certificate" functionality has been implemented.
  • Email: initial support for threading.
  • Bug Fix: Contacts: records with only phone number set might be not available for selection.
  • Bug Fix: Contacts: phone numbers in records might be duplicated.
  • Bug Fix: Email: it was not possible to select an address from Buddy list as e-mail destination address.
  • Bug Fix: Files: UI problem with user selection and ACL panel.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: Event description with line breaks in it might be displayed incorrectly.

6.2.14 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.14

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  • Calendar: the support for categories in calendar items has been implemented.
  • Email: the forwarding method (inline/attachment) can be chosen during the operation.
  • Dialer: the "Add me" button in server conference now uses all devices according to outbound calls preference.
  • Bug Fix: Email: blocked possibility to set TrashBox and JunkBox to INBOX in Preferences.
  • Bug Fix: Email: the virtual "favorites" and "search" folders are removed from folder selector pop-up.
  • Bug Fix: Email: Fixed issues with drag-n-drop operation on messages in mailboxes with '-' in names.
  • Bug Fix: Email: Email: do not switch to message view while invoking context menu on mail message while in mail list-view.
  • Bug Fix: Email: Wrong from-address while replying with non-default identity selected.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: Events in shared calendar mailbox with "read" rights only offered the accept/decline functions.
  • Bug Fix: Dialer: Wrong user name in conference calls to a group.

6.2.13 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.13

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  • Calendar: working hours granularity can be 30 minutes now.
  • Email: subscription to mailboxes in an account can be canceled for that account at once.
  • Files: Integration with OnlyOffice can be enabled/disabled per account.
  • Dialer: improved support for large number (over 9) of conference participants.
  • General: improved chat operation in multi-device environments.
  • General: improved support for custom methods of two-factor authentication.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: it was possible to create events that ends before its start.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: public calendar access module might fail to show some events.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: the new event pop-up contained the "Delete" button.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: UI-resizing problems have been addressed.
  • Bug Fix: Chats: some chat members might be missing in participant's chat window.
  • Bug Fix: Email: some rules conditions might be not available.
  • Bug Fix: Email: "folder has not been opened" error message on operations with drafts.
  • Bug Fix: Email: delete operation on multi-mailbox search results worked incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Email: pasting from clipboard and loading messages from drafts into composer might lose missed line breaks in plain text mode.
  • Bug Fix: Files: the "upload file" control was not available in layouts for mobile browsers.
  • Bug Fix: Preference: the Vacation Message panel might be vulnerable to XSS attacks.

6.2.12 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.12

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  • General: minor improvements to the UI.
  • General: improved UI renedring on devices with smaller screens.
  • Dialer: video calls to use higher resolution whenever possible.
  • Chats: resource-id generation improved.
  • Bug Fix: Tasks: it was not possible to add attachments.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: operations with draft messages might fail sporadically.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: event editor allowed end time before start time.
  • General: minor improvements to the UI.
  • Dialer: video calls to use higher resolution whenever possible.

6.2.11 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.11

Pronto HTML
  • General: Added BSD OSs support in OS detection (treated as Linux) to avoid crashes on start.
  • Bug Fix: General:login operation in Internet Explorer might fail.
  • Mail: added support for low priority messages display, fixed bug when low priority messages were displayed as high priority ones.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: new message composing via mailto: link did not work correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: the "auto select message" preference did not work correctly for multiple selection.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: the "report spam" functionality might be disabled.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: attachment icons were not shown while printing.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: exceptions for recurring events might be saved incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: IM: incorrect UI in group chats.
  • Bug Fix: IM: email to multiple chat participants was composed incorrectly.

6.2.10 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.10

Pronto HTML
  • Contacts: search requests for directory address books have been optimized.
  • General: multi-factor authentication UI has been improved.
  • Mail: improved the Enter key processing with line breaks insertion while composing in rich text format.
  • Bug Fix: General: the UI controls for file uploads might work incorrectly in some browsers.

6.2.9 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.9

Pronto HTML
  • Bug Fix: General: local files could not be attached to composed objects in some browsers.
  • Bug Fix: Contacts: directory-based address books were stored in preferences incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: printed message content might be hidden in some browsers.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar, Mail: several problems with subscription handling.

6.2.8 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.8

Pronto HTML
  • General: icons in the navigation module are resizable now for a better layout.
  • General: German localization has been updated.
  • Mail: processing of links in e-mail messages is now controlled by the Display Links account preference.
  • Mail: account preference for default sorting is respected now.
  • Mail: better layout on iPad-size mobile devices.
  • Mail: bug fix: extra copy of an image could be added to a message when pasted from the clipboard.
  • Mail: bug fix: in the layout for mobile phones it was not possible to attach files.
  • Mail: bug fix: files might be attached with an incorrect MIME-type.
  • Contacts: fixed bug with incorrect paging of address books.

6.2.7 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.7

Pronto HTML
  • General: minor UI bugs have been fixed.
  • Mail: large address lists are equipped with scrollbars now.
  • Calendar: large attendee lists are equipped with scrollbars now.
  • Calendar: fixed bug with incorrect recurrence rules in monthly events.
  • Calendar: fixed bug when time slots under one hour out of working time were displayed incorrectly.
  • Calendar: fixed bug when binary attributes were included in directory search filters.

6.2.6 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.6

Pronto HTML
  • General: default focus on the login page is set now to name field.
  • Mail: fixed bug when Message status Notification response might be requested in Sent Items folder.
  • Mail: fixed bug when the "newest"/"oldest" buttons might move to wrong direction.
  • Mail: SMIME unlock password is protected from appearing in the server logs.
  • Mail: the UI for mailbox subscription and selecting subscribed folders has been improved.
  • Mail: the new option to remove attachments from stored mails is implemented.
  • Calendar: the event location attribute is shown in events grid.
  • Calendar: fixed bug when it was possible to set the event end time before start time.
  • Calendar: fixed bug when renamed calendar folder lost its color.
  • Contacts: it was not possible to add a buddy outside of Contacts module UI.
  • Files: folders and files might be doubled in lists.
  • Files: fixed bug when accessing a folder with name 'null' might crash the interface.
  • Dialer: now it's possible to call from another browser tab by clicking on 'tel:' links.

6.2.5 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.5

Pronto HTML
  • Mail: warning/confirmation alert for slash characters in folder names.
  • Calendar: the current month is selected by default for yearly recurrent events.
  • Login: support for domain selection (optional) on the login page has been implemented.
  • Bug Fix: Contacts: translation for 'Buddies' might be not used.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: plain text signatures was used instead of HTML ones while forwarding messages in-line.
  • Bug Fix: Mail: folders subscribed from delegate accounts might be listed incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Calendar: yearly recurrent events were stored incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: Dialer: audio might be missing in some call scenarios involving Contact Center.

6.2.4 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.4

Pronto HTML
  • Mail: fixed bug when "sign all" preference was still in effect with certificate removed.
  • Mail: fixed bug when vacation message not available with allowed rules set to "none".
  • Mail: The "Confirm reception" button was also shown in Sent items folder.
  • Preferences: it was not possible to remove identities.
  • Preferences: accounts could not be removed from the delegates list.

6.2.3 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.3

Pronto HTML
  • General: session protection with cookies is enabled by default now.
  • General: some glitches in UI have been fixed.
  • Contacts: new UI elements were implemented to provide access to multiple address choices.
  • Contacts: the thumbnailPhoto attribute is supported in directory-based address books now.
  • Mail: support for encrypted mailboxes has been improved.
  • Mail: the feedback sending function has been improved.
  • Mail: now correspondents Cc addresses are shown when To addresses are missing.
  • Mail: fixed the bug that prevented address drag-and-drop between To/Cc/Bcc fields.
  • Mail: S/MIME signing is disabled by default when S/MIME certificate is removed.
  • Files: fixed the bug when files from subscribed folders could not be removed.

6.2.2 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.2

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  • General: improved the UI security .
  • General: folder size is shown on mouse roll-over.
  • General: the initial support for encrypted folders has been implemented.
  • Dialer: the initial support for WebRTC in Safari has been implemented.
  • Dialer: hot camera plug/unplug is supported now.
  • Contacts: the IMPP vCard attribute with custom IM address is supported now.
  • Mail: now multi-mailbox search can find FLAGGED and UNREAD messages.
  • Dialer: fixed problem with the GIPS plugin installation in IE browser.
  • Dialer, IM: fixed bug with chats and calls not showing peer status.
  • Mail: fixed bug with the "Subscribe" button missing from mails with invitation to shared folders.
  • Mail: it was not possible to actually rename the INBOX folder.
  • Mail: fixed the bug when email attachments could not be downloaded as archive with Files module disabled.
  • Mail: bug fix: inline images size grew significantly when they were included in HTML message replies.

6.2.1 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.1

Pronto HTML
  • General: sound customization preferences are implemented.
  • General: hardened security of the interface against code injection attacks.
  • Contacts: the presence state for items in Directory books is retrieved automatically.
  • Mail: sorting preferences may be set individually for each folder now.
  • Mail: the Junk flag set on messages is shown now.
  • Mail: fixed the bug when images could not be inserted into plain text messages.

6.2 CommuniGate Pro 6.2.0

Pronto Flash
  • General: minor bugs have been fixed.
Pronto HTML
  • General: minor bugs have been fixed.

6.2c5 CommuniGate Pro 6.2c5

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  • General: fixed Problem with start of Air variant.
Pronto HTML
  • General: fixed problems with modules dependencies.
  • Mail: implemented defaults for "Notify When Delivered" and "Notify When Read" options.
  • Mail: fixed bug with stuck Redirect window and multiple redirected copies.
  • Mail: the selected sorting order is preserved now.
  • Files: implemented preference for time to live for uploaded temp files.
  • Files: fixed bug with incorrect folder structure reported in the inverted tree mode.
  • Files: fixed the problem when a local file attached as a link multiple times resulted in broken links.
  • Files: integration with OnlyOffice now use the language selected in account preferences.
  • Contacts: fixed the bug when scrolling addresses list did not reveal new items.
  • Calendar: fixed bugs with removing attachments in the Event preview panel.
  • Calendar: fixed the bug with editing exceptions to recurring events.
  • Calendar: fixed bug with removing an exception from a recurrent event: attendees were not notified.

6.2c4 CommuniGate Pro 6.2c4

Pronto Flash
  • General: mailto: links did not handle escaped sequences like %XX.
  • General: links might be not escaped as necessary.
  • Mail: inline images might be not shown in print preview.
Pronto HTML
  • New module: the Notes module has been implemented.
  • General: improved security of the interface.
  • General: added function to delegate account rights.
  • General: several UI and usability bugs were fixed.
  • General: the "organization unit" display field has been added to auto-complete results.
  • General: "hidden popups" window might be shown for some short time right after login.
  • General: the option to auto-logout idle session has been implemented.
  • General: the option to stay signed in has been implemented.
  • Calendar: calendars were not shown to users with the "lookup" access right.
  • Calendar: tentative items can be distinguished from items with other status.
  • Calendar: implemented function to forward calendar events as invitations.
  • Calendar: fixed bug with Free/Busy data not shown for some user names.
  • Calendar: fixed bug with attaching files to events.
  • Contacts: the Note field now allows for multiple lines.
  • Contacts: added preferences for Directory-based books.
  • Contacts: contact records can be sorted now.
  • Contacts: dataset-based address books can be selected now.
  • IM: permanent chat groups have owner now and can be removed by the owner.
  • IM: buddies presence might not be shown.
  • IM: implemented the option to send files from account storage to chats.
  • IM: the special "mobile" presence status is supported now.
  • Mail: content of decrypted mail messages might be not shown properly.
  • Mail: the support for multiple identities has been improved.
  • Mail: the favorite mailboxes list might cause operational problems with original mailboxes.
  • Mail: now it's possible to edit documents in OnlyOffice directly from message attachments.
  • Mail: the "Copy All Mail to" simplified rule has been updated.
  • Mail: fixed the problem when sorting could be applied only to the current page.
  • Mail: fixed the bug with "null" text inserted in the case of an empty html signature.
  • Mail: fixed bug with incorrect behavior on the "send response" hot key.
  • Mail: fixed bug when new messages were added into wrong positions in a sorted list.
  • Mail: fixed bug when a wrong positions was selected after message deletion.
  • Files: the "save as" feature for OnlyOffice integration has been added.
  • Files: some operation on files and folders were not possible if their parent folder was renamed.
  • Files: fixed wrong behavior while co-editing documents with OnlyOffice.
  • Signals: fixed bug with incorrect initialization for receiving incoming calls.

6.2c3 CommuniGate Pro 6.2c3

Pronto HTML
  • Files: new faster method for large files uploading has been implemented.
  • Mail: implemented option to recall messages silently.
  • Mail: favorite folders are displayed in the folder list.
  • Mail: context menus for message list have been implemented.
  • Contacts: the set of display fields for directory-based address books has been extended.
  • Calendar: now it's possible to subscribe to external web calendars.

6.2c2 CommuniGate Pro 6.2c2

Pronto HTML
  • General: fixed problem with login after failed login using URL parameters.
  • IM: Added support permanent chat groups.
  • IM: Implemented list of recent chats.
  • IM: Implemented interface for custom roster groups.
  • IM: Improved sorting of active chats for better usability.
  • Contacts: fixed the problem with contact record duplication.
  • Contacts: implemented option to request presence info on contacts that are not in the roster.
  • Contacts: searching might fail.
  • Contacts: for some roster items subscription request might be not shown.
  • Contacts: public information on just added buddy might be not retrieved properly.
  • Mail: added option to confirm sending of a message without a subject.
  • Mail: implemented support for composing of reply messages in the HTML format.
  • Mail: implemented support for signatures in HTML format.
  • Mail: implemented the function to recall recently sent messages.
  • Mail: the Favourites panel to access most used folders has been implemented.
  • Mail: fixed exception while showing some HTML-formatted messages.
  • Mail: composer might be not shown in the list view mode.
  • Mail: multi-message operations have been improved.
  • Mail: read receipts are properly generated now.

6.2c1 CommuniGate Pro 6.2c1

Pronto HTML
  • General: Added support for the two-factor authentication.
  • General: Added support for the forced password change.

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