CommuniGate Pro
Version 1.0

CommuniGate® Pro XIMSS Client SDK

Welcome to CommuniGate XIMSS Client SDK, a client-side library implementing the communication layer of the XIMSS protocol.
This library can be used to build client-side applications such as Web-based or desktop communication tools.

Download the Latest Versions

The CommuniGate XIMSS Client software is being updated on a regular basis.

Language Platform File Type Files
Java Swing Java Package (.jar) XIMSSLib.jar XIMSSLibSwing.jar
Android XIMSSLibAndroid.jar
Objective C MacOS X static library (.a) XIMSSSession.h   libXIMSSMacOSX.a
iPhone iOS STXML.h libXIMSSiOS.a
iPhone Simulator libXIMSSiOS.a
JavaScript Web Browser js source (.js) available at any CommuniGate Pro Server via its WebUser Interface as http://serverName/SkinFiles///ximssclient.js


The CommuniGate Pro XIMSS Client software can establish a XIMSS session using various "bindings", such as TCP or HTTP (some bindings are not available on all platforms).

When a XIMSS session is established, the client application can compose an XML object containing a XIMSS request and ask the CommuniGate Pro XIMSS Client software to send this request to the Server.
For each submitted request the client application can specify "callback" functions or methods to be invoked when the Server sends back a response and, optionally, some XML objects with requested (synchronous) data.

The client application can ask the XIMSS Client software to "register" "callback" functions or methods to be invoked when the Server sends certain XML objects with asynchronous data.

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Updates and Bug Fixes

CommuniGate Pro XIMSS Client software is updated on a regular basis.

You can review the history of updates and bug fixes at the CommuniGate Pro XIMSS Client SDK History page.

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