CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.4


The CommuniGate Pro Server allows users to use various applications and protocols. This section describes the protocols that do not deal directly with E-mail transfer, real-time communication, or with access to Account data.

  • The HTTP modules are HTTP servers provides access to the Server Administrator (WebAdmin) and to the WebUser Interfaces.
  • The LDAP module is an LDAP server that provides access to various directories and databases.
  • The PWD module is a poppwd server that allows users to change the account passwords using certain POP and IMAP mailers. It also implements the CLI/API interface.
  • The RADIUS module is a RADIUS server that allows network access servers and other edge devices to authenticate CommuniGate Pro users.
  • The SNMP module is an SNMP server ("agent") that can be used to monitor the CommuniGate Pro Server load and other statistical data.
  • The STUN module is an STUN server that can help the CommuniGate Pro clients to deal with NAT traversal problems.
  • The BSDLog module is an "BSD syslog" server that can be used to consolidate log records from 3rd party software into the the CommuniGate Pro Server Logs.

Account Services

Every CommuniGate Pro Account can be used with Service modules. Several applications can use the same CommuniGate Pro Account at the same time, via the same, or different access and service modules.

Multi-Domain and Multihoming

The Service modules support Multi-Domain and Multihoming configurations in the same way as the Access modules do.

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