CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.4


Each CommuniGate Pro Account stores various data: E-mail messages, Calendar appointments, Contacts, files, SIP client registrations, subscriptions, etc. This section explains how this information is organized and how it is stored in the CommuniGate Pro Accounts.


A Mailbox is the basic storage unit: messages sent to Accounts are stored in Account Mailboxes. Messages can be read from Mailboxes, they can be marked with various flags, they can be copied to other Mailboxes, and they can be removed from Mailboxes.

Each Account can have one or several Mailboxes. The INBOX Mailbox is special: it exists in every Account, and it is used to store incoming messages. The INBOX Mailbox is created automatically when an Account is created. A user cannot remove the INBOX Mailbox, but a user can rename it. In this case, a new empty INBOX is immediately created.

CommuniGate Pro allows administrators to create single-mailbox Accounts. These Accounts contain only the INBOX Mailbox.

The CommuniGate Pro Server provides access to Account Mailboxes via POP, IMAP, XIMSS WebUser Interface, and other modules.

CommuniGate Pro Mailboxes can have various formats. Administrators and users can select the Mailbox format when they create a new Mailbox.

See the Mailboxes section for more information about CommuniGate Pro Mailboxes.

The CommuniGate Pro Server can be integrated with other systems, so the CommuniGate Pro Accounts can utilize the mailbox storage of those systems. See the External Storage section for more information.

Groupware Items

Account Groupware items, such as Calendar and Task items, Contacts, Notes are stored as E-mail messages. Usually they are stored in the Mailboxes dedicated for a specific Groupware function (such as Calendar, Task, Contact, Notes "folders") and assigned proper Mailbox Classes. But there is no limitation on the Mailbox Classes, and any E-mail or Groupware item can be stored in any Mailbox, of any Mailbox Class.

File Storage

Each Account has its own File Storage tha can store any set of files and file directories. See the File Storage section for the details.

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