CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.4

AirSync Module

The CommuniGate Pro Server can be used with Microsoft® Windows Mobile and other compatible devices (PDAs, smartphones) supporting the AirSync protocol - a client-server version of the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol.

The AirSync protocol allows a client device to synchronize its Calendaring, Tasks, and Contacts data with the same data in the user Account on the server. The protocol also allows a user to synchronize some or all of its E-mail mailboxes, to compose and send E-mails, Event invitations, and Event replies.

The CommuniGate Pro Mailbox Alias feature allows AirSync clients to access shared Mailboxes in other Accounts.

The AirSync protocol allows a client device to access the Server Directory.

Configuring the AirSync Module

The AirSync protocol works over the HTTP protocol, using the HTTP User Module. Open the HTTP User Module settings, and find the Sub-Protocols panel:

 AccessLog Level

Use the AIRSYNC Log Level setting to specify the type of information the AirSync module should put in the Server Log.
The AirSync module records in the System Log are marked with the AIRSYNC tag.

The Access setting specifies who can access the AirSync service.

Note: Many AirSync clients are designed to access only the standard HTTP ports (port 80 for clear-text connections and port 443 for secure connections), make sure your HTTP User module is properly configured to accept connections on these ports.

Restricting Access

Server and Domain administrators may want to restrict AirSync access to to certain devices only:
Enabled Mobile Device IDs
!phoneX*, !vendor1/*, * 

The setting value can contain zero, one, or several elements separated using the comma (,) symbol:

  • if no element is specified, access is prohibited to all devices
  • each elements is compared to the ID of the device trying to connect; if an elements contains the * symbols, they are used as wildcards; The element * grants access to all devices
  • if an element contains the / symbol, the element part before that symbol is compared to the device type (such as PocketPC,Apple), and the part after the slash symbol is compared to the device ID
  • if an element starts with the ! symbol and the rest of the element matches the device ID (or the device type and the device ID), the device is prohibited from accessing the Account(s)

In the example above, the Default Setting contains the following elements:

devices having IDs starting with phoneX are prohibited
devices having the vendor1 device type are prohibited
all other devices are allowed

In the example above, the custom Setting (overriding the Default Settings) contains the following elements:

the device with this ID is allowed
the device with this ID is allowed
All other devices are prohibited.

Managing AirSync Devices

Server and Domain administrators can monitor and manage AirSync devices employed by the Account user.

Open the Account Settings WebAdmin Interface page, open the Mail section, and follow the Mobile link. Find the AirSync Devices panel:

AirSync Clients
 Client TypeIDPolicyLast AccessRemote Account WipeRemote Device Wipe
PocketPC 9999BFE4D66C4BE29AAB1DF8F8CF4064 {UsePIN=YES;} 10:54:48PM 1-Oct-08
PocketPC FAFABFE4D3333BE2ABBC2E0909D05175 {} 20-Sep pending

The table elements show the device type and unique ID for each device the Account user has used, as well as the time of the last AirSync operation with that device.

Devices can be protected with a PIN (password) that needs to be entered every time the device is switched on, or after a period of inactivity. You can remotely enable or disable this function: select the device element and click the Enable PIN-lock or Disable PIN-lock button.

To remove all information from the device (if it has been lost or stolen), select the device element and click the Wipe Out Device button. To remove only account and all its data (mail, calendars, tasks etc.) from the device select the device element and click the Wipe Out Account button.
The device element will display the pending marker.
Next time the device tries to connect to the Server, it will receive a command instructing it to remove all E-mail and other data stored locally on the device.

To cancel the Wipe Out operation (if the device has been recovered before it tried to access the Server), select the device element and click the Cancel button.

Note: Account only removal (without restoring the device to factory defaults) is possible if the device supports ActiveSync protocol version 16.1 or newer, otherwise the operation will not be performed.

Some devices may fail to deal with all user Mailboxes - either because the user Account has too many Mailboxes, or because some Mailbox has too many items in it. A user can "hide" certain Mailboxes from the AirSync client by disabling the Visible to Mobile Devices Mailbox option.

Compatibility Notes

The AirSync protocol was designed to work in a proprietary, non-standard environment. CommuniGate Pro AirSync module makes its best effort to convert AirSync data to the standard formats (such as iCalendar and vCard).

Replying to Event Requests

When an AirSync client accepts or declines an Event, it generates an E-mail message to be sent to the Event organizer. This message contains Microsoft proprietary data not suitable for any standard-based application.
To provide a workaround for this problem, the CommuniGate Pro AirSync module generates a Reply itself, using the standard iCalendar format. As a result, the organizer may receive 2 Event Reply messages - one from the AirSync module, and one from the Windows Mobile client itself.
Note: when the Windows Mobile user chooses to accept or decline a request without sending a reply, only the Windows Mobile own request is affected. The AirSync module generates its reply independently, based only on the Event request "RSVP" attribute.


AirSync clients do not support sub-mailboxes of the Sent and Trash Mailboxes, and older clients do not support sub-mailboxes of the INBOX Mailbox either.
If an Account contains such sub-mailboxes, the Server does not inform an AirSync client about them.

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