CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.3

MAPI Connector Revision History CommuniGate Pro 6.3.18

  • The configuratiomn file supports four new configuration options.
  • The detalization of logs in the migration utility has been increased.
  • The problem with parsing of damagerd RRULE tags in calendar objects has been fixed. CommuniGate Pro 6.3.16

  • The option to specify custom Base DN and Search Filter for the directory-based addressbook has been implemented.
  • The support for extremely long message headers has been improved.
  • The option to prevent Outlook from going into the offline mode has been added. CommuniGate Pro 6.3.14

  • The compatibility with the current implementations of TLS has been improved.
  • The support for %username% in the cgmxui32.inf file has been implemented. CommuniGate Pro 6.3.11

  • A workaround for contact and event descriptions that could not be edited has been implemented.
  • The processing for custom parameters in cgmxui32.inf files during client part installation has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: possible loops while sending out messages with sizes exceeding the quota.
  • The processing of messages with attachments received from specific systems has been improved.
  • The UTF-8 encoding is used by default when the message source does not specify any. CommuniGate Pro 6.2.15

  • Loading of large profile caches has been optimized.
  • Implemented workaround for Exchange server not handling RDATE attribute in calendar messages.
  • Implemented option to reload selected objects from the server.
  • Bug Fix: all-day periodic events scheduled for December might be processed incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: description in some calendar items might be not shown. CommuniGate Pro 6.2.13

  • Major improvements in handling of recurrent events.
  • Bug Fix: migration utility might fail to open MAPI profile n Windows 10. CommuniGate Pro 6.2.7

  • Bug Fix: possible loops while processing incorrect calendar data. CommuniGate Pro 6.2.5

  • Bug Fix: Kerberos authentication might fail or cause crashes.
  • Improved compatibility with mobile Clients in the recurrent events and exceptions support. CommuniGate Pro 6.2.4

  • Improved support for recurrent calendar events, handling of exceptions and attendees lists. CommuniGate Pro 6.2.2

  • Fixed crashes during Outlook startup.
  • Improved support for recurrent calendar events, fixed possible crashes. CommuniGate Pro 6.2.1

  • Improved support for exceptions in calendar objects. CommuniGate Pro 6.2c5

  • Bug fix: Outlook might crash on poorly formatted calendar event organizer name.

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