CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.4


The CommuniGate Pro Media Server can merge media from several "legs", creating a single "conversation space". This feature is used to implement various Conferencing services.

This section explains how a conference "host" can start and control the conference, and how the conference participants are served.

Floor Control

When you are a Conference Host, you can manage the conference "floor".

Enter *5 to play the active participants list. This list is played to everyone in your conference.

If you are the only participant in the conference, the system plays music-on-hold. It stops playing it as soon as any other participant joins the conference, and starts playing it again as soon as you are left alone.
Enter *8 to explicitly start or to stop music-on-hold. If there are several participants in the conference, all of them hear the same music-on-hold.

Enter *9 to enable or disable "reminder beeps". Reminder beeps are sent to all participants every 30 seconds (unless there is music-on-hold playing).

When there are many participants in one conference, their combined background noise may start to interfere with the conversation. The system "cuts" the participants who are not speaking, in order to reduce the background noise.
If your conference has many participants and you hear too much of background noise, you may want to increase the "cutting threshold".
If the "cutting threshold" is too high, you will hear some speaker voices being "cut" at the word/phrase boundaries.
Enter *1 to increase the "cutting threshold".
Enter *2 to decrease the "cutting threshold".

The conferencing software introduces a small delay, letting audio data from all participants to be collected before it is being mixed. If some participants use slow or unreliable Internet connections and voice packets from them arrive with large or variable delays, you may want to increase the "mixer delay".
Enter *3 to increase the "mixer delay".
Enter *4 to decrease the "mixer delay".

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