CommuniGate Pro
Version 6.4

WebMail: Files

The CommuniGate Pro WebUser Interface allows you to manage your Account File Storage.

The File Storage can be used to store files which can be accessed over the Internet, using various clients such as browsers and/or FTP clients. The File Storage and/or its directories can be "mounted" on your desktop computers or mobile devices using the "virtual disk" functionality.

File Storage Browser

Click the Files link to open the File Browser page. This page displays all the files and file directories on the "top level" of your File Storage:

  Name Size Modified  
2009 ==> Settings
Aug99 ==> Settings
Bodrum1.JPG 107295 02 Mar, 09 Settings
Bodrum2.JPG 207889 02 Mar, 09 Settings
private ==> Settings
profile.vcf 135 03-Nov Settings
pubcal ==> Settings
This Folder:7315319 

Click the Browse button and select a file you want to upload to the File Storage. Click the Upload File button to upload the file. Its name should appear in the list.

Select the checkboxes to mark the files and/or folders you want to remove from the File Storage and click the Delete Marked button. The selected files will be removed.

Type in a name and click the Create Folder button to create a folder (sub-directory) in the File Storage.

Select exactly one checkbox to mark the file or folder you want to rename, and enter a new name for it in the field next to the Rename Marked button. Click the Rename Marked button to rename the selected file or folder.

Click the file name link to open the file. Click the folder name link to open the subdirectory. When a subdirectory is opened, its name is displayed on the top of the file list. Click the UP link to open the parent subdirectory.

The This Folder line displays the total number of files and folders, and the total size of all files in the opened folder. The Totals line displays the total number of files and folders, and the total size of all files in the File Storage. The limits line displays the specified maximum number of files and folders and the specified maximum total file size for this File Storage.

To manage the file Attributes, click the Settings link.

File Access Rights

The File Management page allows you to set the ACL (Access Control List) settings for the selected file or file directory.

San Diego Photos: File Management
Access Control List
Identifier List Delete Read Write Admin

To grant file access rights to a user, enter the user name into the Identifier field, select the desired access rights, and click the Update button. To grant an access right to everybody, use the word anyone. To remove certain rights from a particular user, "grant" those rights to the identifier -username. See the File Storage section for more details.

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